Fluvoxamine, Proxalutamide, and Ivermectin: 100% success

Fluvoxamine, Proxalutamide, and Ivermectin: 100% success

I'm very bullish on two drug combos since it is rare for a single drug to be 100% successful.

For example all of these combos should have near 100% success against hospitalization, death, and long-haul COVID symptoms:

  1. Proxalutamide and fluvoxamine
  2. Proxalutamide and ivermectin
  3. Fluvoxamine and ivermectin

Proxalutamide on its own has had 100% success in both inpatients and outpatients (100% for men, 90% for women).

Fluvoxamine has been 100% successful in two randomized trials. That 100% success rate was replicated in the real-world prescribing experience of Syed Haider who has been prescribing IVM+FLV for over 100 patients now. So 100% three times in a row, all by independent researchers.

Ivermectin alone has also had its share of 100% successes, e.g., in Argentina in the Carvallo study. There was a recent study in JAMA claiming ivermectin doesn't work, but see https://osf.io/u7ewz/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwqCuqCE4aU.