An open letter to public health officials

An open letter to public health officials

The most urgent need in the country right now is to reduce the hospitalization rate. The good news is we have discovered a drug that can do that. The bad news is nobody knows about it. We'd like to get your help to change that.

On November 12, Dr. Eric Lenze at WashU, published in JAMA a double-blind randomized control trial which explored whether using  Fluvoxamine could significantly reduce the hospitalization rate. There were 152 patients in the study, 80 in the treatment group and 72 in the placebo group. For placebo, the hospitalization rate was 8.3%. For the treatment group, the hospitalization rate was 0%– a remarkable 100% reduction in the hospitalization rate.

On the very same day as the Lenze trial was published, there was a massive COVID outbreak at Golden Gate Fields. The track doctor had read the JAMA study and decided to offer the drug there. There were 125 patients in that "real world" trial, 48 refused treatment of which 6 were hospitalized. For those who accepted the fluvoxamine, none were hospitalized. In fact all of the patients in the treatment group reported symptoms consistent with a very mild cold.

Today, there is no other drug with a track record of 100% success in reversing COVID-related respiratory symptoms in a total of 157 patients.

In a nutshell, this virus "de-fangs" the bite of the coronavirus and turns it into a "normal" coronavirus, aka "common cold." The cost without insurance for 50mg BID for 14 days: approximately $10.

I hope that you will make physicians in your area aware of both the randomized trial, as well as the subsequent Seftel study so that  physicians can make an informed decision for the treatment of their patients.

The evidence for fluvoxamine is summarized here:

Fluvoxamine for COVID-19
Fluvoxamine for COVID-19 Steve Kirsch Executive Director COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund [email protected] 650-279-1008

Thank you for your consideration of this request.