Fluvoxamine news articles and op-eds

Fluvoxamine news articles and op-eds

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Note that some of these articles are inaccurate.

Fluvoxamine basically is like pouring water on a fire.

  1. It is not just for lungs. It benefits your whole body including and especially protecting your brain from permanent injury.
  2. It is not just for treating early disease. It can be used at any stage. But giving it early will prevent long haul COVID.
  3. It does not just stop progression of COVID.  It reverses it. Most people feel better in 24 hours and when given sufficiently early can be back to normal in 3 days.
  4. My advocacy for fluvoxamine is not based just on the Phase 2 trial. It is based on the numerous sources of data all positive including research, observational studies, randomized studies, and real life results from hundreds of patients. See Why the FDA should grant an EUA for Fluvoxamine. There is not a drug with better results that we know about (except for proxalutamide).

In general, whatever your COVID stage, fluvoxamine has been shown to reverse the inflammation; the sicker you are, the longer it takes. It has even been shown to work if you are intubated and only days away from death.

The caveats on the drug include drug interactions, mental state, and that it enhances caffeine (so avoid coffee while taking the drug). Because the drug is only used for a short duration, it can safely be used even if you are pregnant.

Fluvoxamine can be prescribed now off-label using a process known as "shared decision making."

Television stories

Story updated March 23, 2021

More Patients Take Anti-Depressant to Beat COVID Symptoms
Fluvoxamine, which costs about $10 for a two-week course, has been used for years to treat depression and obsessive compulsive disorder, but researchers have…

60 Minutes did extensive reporting on fluvoxamine (air date March 7, 2021):

Finding a possible early treatment for COVID-19 in a 40-year-old antidepressant
Sharyn Alfonsi reports on the unusual path fluvoxamine, a drug commonly used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, has had to becoming an early treatment candidate for COVID-19.

60 Minutes overtime interview with Francis Collins:

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta did a story on repurposed drugs featuring fluvoxamine. On Feb 27, it was the lead story on both the CNN website and mobile app.

Everything old is new again: Repurposing drugs to treat Covid-19
CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks to a father participating in a trial examining how Fluvoxamine, an antidepressant, affects Covid-19 patients after being diagnosed with the virus.

Dr. Oz COVID-19 minute on fluvoxamine:

The NBC story on fluvoxamine is short but very well done and extremely compelling:

Featured on Dr. Oz on Feb 19, 2021 (25,317 views)

The NBC story on fluvoxamine is short but very well done and extremely compelling:

Common Anti-Depressant Pill Shows Promise In Fighting COVID-19
The drug Fluvoxamine, sold by the brand name Luvox, appears to prevent inflammation in the lungs of people infected with COVID-19, which can be fatal.
Over The Counter Drugs: A New Option For Treating, Preventing COVID-19
Over the counter drugs are now being used to treat and maybe even prevent COVID-19.
Trial studying antidepressant’s possible role in COVID-19 treatment after discovery by UVA doctor
A clinical trial is underway to test whether a common drug may help treat COVID-19 following a discovery by a doctor at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.


Internet videos

Interview on fluvoxamine

The case for fluvoxamine in just 15 minutes:

Steve Kirsch talks about fluvoxamine:

Anne DeGheest talks about fluvoxamine here starting at 2:30. She knew Dr. Seftel when she was at Harvard.

Dr. Larry Brilliant, a world famous epidemiologist, talking about fluvoxamine on Dr. Drew (watch at 7:00):

DrBeen video explaining how fluvoxamine works

A superb presentation given by Dr. Christy Risinger

Fascinating 1 hour talk by Farid Jalali on COVID, platelets, serotonin, SSRIs, and cyproheptadine:

December 22, 2020: Vikas Sukhatme, Dean of the Emory Medical School, calls for the use of fluvoxamine off-label using "shared decision making"

Drug Repurposing Research Leads to Potentially Game-Changing Treatment to Prevent Clinical Deterioration in Outpatients With COVID
The Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund was launched to provide funding for research in order to

IEEE Spectrum, March 31, 2021
Optical Mouse Inventor Hunts for a Covid Cure—and May Have Found One

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Kaiser Health News, March 29, 2021

Scientists Seek Covid Treatment Answers in Cheap, Older Drugs
Philanthropies are funding studies of cheap, existing medications like the antidepressant fluvoxamine as covid treatments. But early hype about hydroxychloroquine and other repurposed drugs leaves …

Los Altos Hills Town Crier, March 17, 2021

Los Altos Hills resident touts fluvoxamine as COVID-19 treatment
That’s time many COVID patients don’t have.“It’s so tragic – a half-million people will die unnecessarily,” the Los Altos Hills resident told the Town Crier last week. “People say they need more data – are you (expletive) kidding me?”Not only is fluvoxamine effective, accordi

USA Today, March 14

What science has learned works and what doesn’t in COVID treatments
A year into treating those with COVID-19, research is revealing medical interventions, such as remdesivir, that help patients, and some that don’t.

March 12, 2021 Inverse talks about the fact fluvoxamine is a potent FIASMA:


March 11, People's Pharmacy:

Will the Antidepressant Fluvoxamine Fight COVID-19?
Fluvoxamine (Luvox) has been marketed as an antidepressant since 1984. Why would this very old SSRI offer some promise against COVID-19?

Feb 3, 2021: Front page Los Angeles Times

Can a common antidepressant help in the fight against COVID-19?
Two psychiatrists had a theory, and with support from a Silicon Valley philanthropist they’ve published some encouraging findings.
The antidepressant fluvoxamine could keep mild COVID-19 from worsening
Newly infected patients who chose to take fluvoxamine quickly recovered, while 12.5 percent who didn’t wound up hospitalized.
Fluvoxamine for COVID-19
Fluvoxamine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) which is being trialed for possible therapeutic use in COVID-19. COVID-19 clinical trials Fluvoxamine showed promise in a randomized, ...
New report describes positive results of generic drug in treating COVID
/PRNewswire/ -- The Covid Early Treatment Fund (CETF) www.treatearly.org announced today that the medical journal Open Forum Infectious Diseases published a...
How a Medication for OCD Ended Up in a Covid-19 Trial
In a small study, the drug kept patients with mild symptoms from worsening. If it holds up in a larger test, it could help keep more people out of hospitals.
Researchers Think an Antidepressant Could Treat COVID-19
Additional research is ongoing — and here’s how you may be able to help.
Fluvoxamine may prevent serious illness in COVID-19 patients | Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
Antidepressant drug repurposed for patients with coronavirus infection
Study to evaluate antidepressant as potential COVID-19 treatment | Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
Drug fluvoxamine may help prevent life-threatening ‘cytokine storm’


Fluvoxamine for early treatment of covid-19 – Medical Update Online
Treatment of covid-19 with ivermectin + fluvoxamine combination – Medical Update Online

One of the members of the Wall St. Journal editorial board wrote an op-ed on the importance of repurposed drugs and made prominent mention of fluvoxamine and concludes with: "Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of progress." Well said!

Opinion | As Covid Evolves, Treatments May Prove as Important as Vaccines
The FDA has approved only a few therapeutic drugs. Many studies suggest promising options.

TrialSiteNews had suggestions to Vikas's op-ed

Establish A National Real-World Decentralized COVID-19 Program Targeting Ivermectin, Fluvoxamine, Colchicine, Famotidine & Nitazoxanide
Two prominent researchers affiliated with Emory University, including a Professor of Medicine and Dean of the School of Medicine and Chief Academic

A wonderful op-ed by Vikas Sukhatme in Health Affairs on how to do drug testing in a pandemic which lists fluvoxamine as the top drug to look at:

A Call To Action: Immediate Deployment Of Select Repurposed Drugs For COVID-19 Outpatient Treatment | Health Affairs Blog
During the COVID-19 emergency or other pandemics, a small group of the most promising FDA-approved drugs could be repurposed for COVID-19 or other infectious diseases using temporary treatment guidance developed by a government agency and/or health care systems. Tools to track outcomes should be mad…

Op-ed written by former members of Biden's COVID task force

Steve Kirsch on LinkedIn: Opinion | Vaccines alone won’t solve the pandemic. Here are 3 other
Op-ed written by former Biden COVID-19 committee members mentions fluvoxamine as one of the drugs meriting careful considering. Of the drugs on the table...

Op-ed written by Dr. Jeffrey Klausner published in the Washington Post recommending shared decision making and disclosing in public for the first time that an expert panel reviewed the fluvoxamine data on Jan 22, and then voted >2:1 in favor of supporting fluvoxamine for shared decision making.

Steve Kirsch on LinkedIn: Perspective | Existing drugs could help treat covid-19. How do we
Op-ed by Dr. Jeff Klausner in today's Washington Post. Talks about 100% effectiveness of fluvoxamine in treating COVID urges we use it NOW. PLEASE read...
FLV op ed submitted SJ Merc Seftel
How we can mitigate the COVID hospitalization crisis starting today By David Seftel, MD More than 425,000 people in the US have died from COVID and hospitals continue to be at or near capacity. Fortunately, there is now a solution hiding in plain sight that can dramatically reduce hospitalizati...
Opinion | Too Much Caution Is Killing Covid Patients
Doctors should follow the evidence for promising therapies. Instead they demand certainty.
How Medicine’s “Gold Standard” Puts Covid Patients at Risk
Devorah Goldman on disarming frontline doctors

Technical papers

Fluvoxamine: a review of its mechanism of action and its role in COVID-19
Fluvoxamine is a well-tolerated, widely available, inexpensive selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) that has been shown in a small, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study to prevent clinical deterioration of patients with mild coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Fluvoxamine is …
Could fluvoxamine keep COVID-19 patients out of hospitals and intensive care units?
On Cytokines, Fluvoxamine and COVID-19 – Part 1
Jon-Emile S. Kenny MD [@heart_lung] “You see, we have a kind of allergy to the past; it’s our national disease, and the very assurance with which you insist that the past is within the present is l…
On Cytokines, Fluvoxamine and COVID-19 – Part 2
Jon-Emile S. Kenny MD [@heart_lung] “Apocalypse is played out now on a personal scale; it is not in the sky above us, but in our bed.” -Mark Doty Introduction With a proposed pathway coupling patho…
Association between antidepressant use and reduced risk of intubation or death in hospitalized patients with COVID-19: results from an observational study
A prior meta-analysis showed that antidepressant use in major depressive disorder was associated with reduced plasma levels of several pro-inflammatory mediators, which have been associated with severe COVID-19. Recent studies also suggest that several antidepressants may inhibit acid sphingomyelina…
Prospective Cohort of Fluvoxamine for Early Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 19
We report a real-world experience using fluvoxamine for early COVID-19. Incidence of hospitalization was 0% (0/65) with fluvoxamine and 12.5% (6/48) with observ
Effect of Fluvoxamine vs Placebo on Clinical Deterioration in Outpatients With Symptomatic COVID-19
This randomized trial compares the effects of fluvoxamine, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor with immunomodulatory effects vs placebo on a composite of dyspnea or pneumonia and oxygen desaturation among adult outpatients with polymerase chain reaction–confirmed mild coronavirus disease 2019 (…